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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my _____ at home, where can I shop?
Check out Chippy’s Lodge we should have everything you need from clothing to RV supplies, food, beer,  and Shampoo.  If we don’t have what you need, visit Wautoma or Waupaca for your shopping trip.

I need fresh clothes! Help, where can I wash them?
Our laundromat hours are the same as Chippy’s Lodge but close 1 hour earlier.

We are hungry for some great quality food! Hook us up!
OMG, visit Chippy’s Lodge for a full menu including Homemade Pizza, Friday Fish Fry, and Broastedd Chicken (see included menu) Delivery available

It’s time for a campfire but we need wood!
Visit Chippy’s Lodge e for all your campfire needs (including S’more supplies)

It’s dark and we should get some shut-eye, what time is quiet hours?

What happens on the beach and the lake?
Many fishermen(women) say the best place is the west side of the lake. Although we love our furry friends they are not allowed on the beach. Beach closes at dusk.
No wake hours are 5pm-10am

What can I do with my furry friend?
We are glad you asked, visit Chippy’s Dog Park (Opening Memorial Day Weekend) to let your dog run and get some exercise. Dogs’ can swim off the channel area towards the front of the resort. Take your dog for a walk anywhere in the park on its leash.

Oh no, where do we get bait for fishing on the Kusel Lake or Chippy’s Catch & Release Pond?
Chippy’s Lodge of course!

No power, severe weather & WIFI, oh my!
Power outages are handled by WE Energies and Adam Co Electric, we try to keep campers updated as much as possible. Severe weather storm shelter is located at the Chippy’s Sport Beach Bathhouse. WIFI is provided in the park, however, we only have a certain amount of bandwidth.  Streaming and uploading may be difficult.